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The Palestinian Public Relations Hype Machine – Don’t Fall For It
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I saw this post about Jimmy Carter spouting more idiotic opinions. I had to chime in on the whole Israeli/Palestinian situation.

First off, Jimmy Carter is a boob and always has been IMHO. He is the epitome of all that is wrong with liberal ideology–Utopian, gullible, blind to reality, and naive beyond comprehension.

Secondly, to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I am fairly neutral on the subject. I see much fault with both sides.

But, as far as I have been able to ascertain, the Palestinians/Arabs have done a brilliant PR job portraying themselves as helpless and innocent victims.

Here’s a compact version of the history that I think is pretty balanced and accurate. (No not like Fox News style fair and balanced, and not like Jimmy Carter’s version either.)

Palestine was originally called Judea, the home of the Jews. The Romans conquered it (and originally named it Palestine), various other empires conquered it,  then the Arabs conquered it and lived there for a thousand years or so. Finally it was conquered by the Turks and was part of the Ottoman empire. But throughout all that time the Jews still had a presence there.

Then after WWI the British divided up the ottoman empire into Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

The the Jews decided they wanted Palestine back.  They considered themselves "Zionists" as in a people and a nationality like Germans have Germany and Italians have Italy. Except, since for many reasons (everyone hates the Jews apparently) the Jews did not have a land to call their own so they wanted to go back to their original homeland, which of course the Arabs weren’t too happy about. Whichever side "owns" Judea/Palestine depends on how far back in history you want to go. I suppose the Romans could make a legal claim to the land too; as they could for most of Europe, the mid-east, and part of Africa.

But back to the Palestinian PR machine…Israel is a country of 7 million people surrounded by over 300 million Arabs who are bent on Israel’s destruction. It’s ludicrous to portray the Palestinians/Arabs as helpless and powerless victims—especially given their history of attacks on Israel.

One of the comments on that original post was blaming Israel for the conflict and said: "In the 40’s, Israel was given a certain amount of land by the UN. In the 60’s, they expanded their borders beyond that. "

But he’s only told a fraction of the story (the part that the Palestinian PR machine wants told.)

As soon as the UN agreed on the Israel partition in 1947 which divided Palestine equally into Arab and Jewish states, the Arabs leadership ordered that Arabs attack Jews, their buildings, businesses, etc.  This was before Israel was even officially a country.

Then the day after Israel was officially a country Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon  declared war on Israel. Then within a couple of weeks over 20k Arab troops from those same countries invaded Israel. (The Arab-Israeli War.)

More fighting and more fighting over the years. Fast forward to what the commenter on the post mentioned–the 60’s.  Syria, Jordan, and Egypt started saber-rattling and continued calling for the destruction of Israel.

Jordan and Syria began diverting the flow of the Jordan river away from Israel (not having water is pretty serious). Then Egypt blockaded the straits of Tiran cutting off Israel’s southern port. Then Egypt massed aircraft and tanks on Israel’s border.

Judging by the Arabs actions and invasions in the past, Israel thought it looked like war and invasion was again eminent. It then attacked the Arab armies and kicked their asses, and yes, spoils of war, kept some of the captured territory.

So yes you can technically say that in that instance Israel preemptively attacked the Arabs, but that hardly gives the whole picture does it? They attacked because they’d been preemptively attacked by the Arabs numerous times and decided not to let it happen again.

That’s the way it happened but that’s not the way the Palestinians (or Jimmy Carter) like to portray it. The Palestinians have portrayed themselves as helpless victims and the world has largely fallen for the ruse.

I’m not saying that Israel is an angel and is innocent of wrongdoing. When they came back to claim their "homeland" they didn’t give the Arabs living there a whole lot of respect either.

This only scratches the surface of the thousands of years of conflict in that region but it give a pretty accurate account of the history.

But again, Israel is a country of 7 million people surrounded by over 300 million Arabs who are bent on Israel’s destruction at any cost. It’s ludicrous to portray the Palestinians/Arabs as helpless victims in all of this.  Don’t fall for it.

Oh yeah, and killing people "in the name of god" is frickin nuts! No matter who does it!

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