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Did Ya Hear The One About Your Co-Worker Getting Laid Off?
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Add this one to the "Gee Thanks" file.

Within the last week or so, one of my wife’s friends got laid off (along with several dozen others) from a large, Fortune 500 company. The company is the top maker of health care products and everyone would know their name.

Amazingly enough, this lay-off seems to have negatively affected the remaining employees. Imagine that! So this concerned and caring company does what? Reassure everyone that they won’t get laid off too? Nope. Gives the remaining employees a raise? Not that either. This great and historic company who had a $53 Billion billion-dollar profit in 2006, this wise and benevolent firm who employs over 120,000 people in over 50 countries, this well-respected member of our corporate community with the wisdom of 100 years of service decides that the best way they can help their remaining employees to get over the grief of seeing their friends get laid-off, and wondering if they’ll be next is….wait for it…they hire a comedian to do a show for everyone!

Wow! Isn’t that peachy? I’ll bet that really helped everyone a lot. You know, "laugher is the best medicine." Just laugh your cares away! Don’t worry about paying your rent! I wonder who thought of that idea? "You know J.C, the employees are really down since we laid off 10% of the workforce. What should we do? Production is really slipping! We need to boost morale, we need to take their minds off their troubles…we need…a comedian. Yeah that’ll do it. That will make everyone all better!"

I guess it’s the thought that counts. They could have done nothing I guess, or even worse–"grief counseling". But somehow hiring a comedian doesn’t seem to me like it was the best solution.

One Response to “Did Ya Hear The One About Your Co-Worker Getting Laid Off?”

  1. Chuck Norris, on May 30th, 2007 at 12:26 am, said:

    A comedian huh? Watch just to really rub it in they’ll hire Carrot Top. He could make one of his “prop gags”,(who doesn’t love a “prop gag”?), with a pink slip. Ha ha ha ha.

    Oh, we decided if you want to use “Twisted” instead that’s cool.

    And don’t ask me who “we” is, are, or was.

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