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Want To Save The World? Save Yourself!
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That’s a thought that I’ve had for a long time.

I’ve met several people who were on a campaign to save the world but were themselves a mess, or at least hypocritical. It’s easy to tell someone what else to do, but not so easy to make the changes yourself. Somehow people often forget that. They complain about all the things that are wrong with the world but never do anything positive or proactive to change what they don’t like.

Complaining about problems without offering solutions is pretty much just nagging. And it’s annoying.

I received an email the other day from a list I subscribe to. The guy’s name is Will Marre. I saw him on a PBS special several months ago talking about reclaiming the American dream. His premise is that the things that most people want and value–safety, a home, healthcare, a decent job, time for loved ones, etc–you know, American dream type stuff– is becoming more and more non-existent these days and that people are becoming more and more unhappy with the state of the world and the state of their lives. So he’s created an organization called The American Dream Project to try to address these issue and actually help people to change their world. It’s a very inspiring site and I encourage you to check it out.

Here’s an excerpt from the email he sent: (also posted on his blog)

Our research partner, DYG, reports that since 9/11 our societies’ psychological self-confidence has continued to decline and that our individual response is to face the truth that in the end we are responsible. Responsible for our own lives, our own future, the quality of our relationships, and the moral culture of our circle of influence. This is not the time to throw up our hands, nor to exhaust ourselves over- defining our problems. It is time to choose our lives. In so doing, we’ll have a rippling impact that will make all the difference.

Consider this:
If we are sick of foreign wars, make peace with our personal enemies.
If we are concerned with our nation’s debt, save our own money.
If we are sickened by materialism, buy only what we really value.
If we are concerned with global warming, conserve, walk, telecommute.
If we are worried about the environment, recycle, plant trees, grow something.
If we are angry with our leaders, propose and post real solutions.
If we are worried about health care costs, eat right, exercise, and sleep.
If we are worried about crime, drugs, and violence, participate in a neighborhood watch.
If we are sad about the decline of marriage, make ours the best example of commitment and fulfillment we can.
If we are worried about terrorists, put some boundaries between ourselves and those who use or abuse us.

I hope you can see what I’m trying to get at. These suggestions are simply metaphors for thinking about our lives. They are not meant to be absolute or literal statements. These are simply reminders that for every big overwhelming problem in the world, there is a version of it in our lives. If we focus on what we can control, our own lives will bloom and our influence will spread.

read the entire post here

I’m not much of a complainer by nature; I either put up with it or change it. Those are the only two options that I know. Bitching, complaining, nagging, and worrying about things don’t do any good at all. They’re not real. They’re not solutions. They don’t do anything except make you feel bad and annoy others around you.

That’s why I think Will’s words are so refreshing. All the talking heads on TV and radio don’t amount to a hill of beans because all they do is talk. There’s no action. There’s no solutions. There’s only negativity and anger and that doesn’t help anyone or anything.

So like my title says…If you want to save the world, then save yourself! It’s the one thing in this world that we all have control over—our thoughts and actions. The world would be in so much better shape if we all did just one thing to improve the things we don’t like.

Most of us don’t do that. Most of us don’t even take a first step to changing anything. We work, watch TV, play video games, eat, and sleep. It’s such a base existence. It’s not the American dream as far as I’m concerned.

I always try to make the world a better place with both my thoughts and actions. I know there is more that I can do and I’m always trying to. I really hope that the quoted message strikes a chord with the people of the world. I hope Will and his organization will be able to get that message out to the masses.

I know that most people in the world are not happy with their lives. I believe that Thoreau hit the nail on the head when he said:

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation…."

It’s sad but it’s largely true in my obervations. However, we all have the power to change the situation if we want to. Let’s hope more of us choose to.

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  1. fairlane, on June 14th, 2007 at 7:29 pm, said:

    Glad to you see you’re back.

    I was making the same kind of comment on another blog today, “save yourself” and I almost got called a “racist” because of it. Yep, that’s me the Grand Wizard.

    What is wrong with people? Maybe those lunatic Christians are right and the “End is Nigh”! I hope not.

  2. mike, on June 29th, 2008 at 9:14 pm, said:

    I was ask in a hunderd words or less how too change things? My answer was. To stop drugs you give every one that has a problem a prescription for the drug of their chose with the clear understanding they don’t share their drugs with no one. This will stop drugs for the next generation and stop all drug crimes. In the future most all crime will be stop with cameras and that means no more dead ladies will be found in the trunks of their cars with out us knowing who put them there. Any one willing to work will be giving a brotherhood card that will pay all your bills. Im good at this. Then I was ask how that would stop people in suits with good jobs from robbing people? And my answer was. My approach to any problem is I will ask my self how I would want to be treated if I was in the position of people that needs help. This need for help is the main drive behind crime. So you will need to take away the cause of crime which in my mind is that people for the most part have no helper when they are in need. fix this and you will stop more crimes than all the cameras in the world. My true answer to crime is unity. There is three ways to do this, my way or the way it is now or if you have a better way I will support you. At no point in time think we will be perfect just know we can be much better. Many men have many talents this just happen to be mine. And that is I will give you words of power that will work even if I am dead. Time will prove me. Your question was crime? My answer is if you are willing to work you will be given a brotherhood card that has no spending limit. That is what I would have men do unto me. And then if there is people in pretty suits robbing one another it wont bother me. The problem is no one will serve these people because we will be serving one another. Because you have show interest I will send you more words and give you more power. Your brother. If I am going to dream, I am going to dream big. So I will send the words, why not?

  3. mike, on June 29th, 2008 at 9:16 pm, said:

    FREE WORDS The Gospel According to Mike

    Book 2 Jan 1, 2008
    Dear crappy world, welcome to my mind.

    I hope your ready.

    To whom so ever it my concern. This will be about a

    flawed disgruntle Christian killing sacred cows.

    So welcome back to the real world I am about to teach you

    how to kill myths so bare with me it will be fun yet

    worthless to people who practice apathy.

    This will be lesson number one, the church as a whole.

    In any nation, religion is the backbone of its people.

    So when it fells so goes the society and that is why I will

    address religion before I bother with any other thing.

    After religion the rest is simple, very simple.

    Politics are very minor compared to this problem,

    child’s play. Looking at this society it is not a hard

    argument to say the church as a hold has fell.

    True or False? When the church is fixed all other problems

    will fall like a house of cards.

    These will be a fractured letter to a fractured world.

    I begin to learn how to read at the age of twenty and I still

    cannot write that well but you will get the message.

    After being raised illiterate in poverty by many different atheist

    alcoholics and drug addicts in bigotry and in nothing no less than

    hell with much hate.

    I stopped off at a church one day as a young adult and

    the preacher put my head under the water. I thought I was

    joining a better group of people. Yet I came to find out there are

    less hypocrites in the local bar than in the local church. I learn the

    meaning of the word hypocrisy in church. In the church they kill

    their own soldiers and one another. If left to themselves they

    destroy hope. They have given God’s house of prayer so many

    names that you cannot learn them all. They are that divided. So to

    the Muslims you can rest easy the battle is over they will kill

    themselves. So don’t be taunting them, they will choke on greed.

    In the U.S.A. the only time that we come close to agreeing on

    anything is when we go to war to kill people and then we soon

    disagree on that, no offense intended. Yet, if I did offend any

    Muslims please don’t maim me, no just please be humane and get

    me the hell out of my misery.

    At least you all know how to stand up for something

    you believe in and the consequent be damn so in that my hat is off

    to you. But beware you do need Jesus, yet this will not be one of

    those sermons. Anyway after realizing these things in the so called

    church I was in shock and then I was just left feeling very cold,

    you will see. Maybe I will just go back to the bar at least there I

    can expect to hear lies and not be in shock. At the bar I don’t have

    to wonder what is under people’s mask and I don’t have to be in

    shock from hypocrisy. People at church claiming to care do care as

    long as it does not cost them anything and it does not jeopardize

    their comfort zone. Wimps. Do not suggest new ideas are doing

    something new or different or you will be looked upon as a

    “crazy nut job.”

    Seeing how they claim they do not use curse words they

    use words like “nut job” and “heretics,” this is a covering for

    calling you a dumb ass behind close doors.

    When it is really bigotry in the worst way. They are afraid you may

    be a little different with your views and that would be a bad crime.

    My disgruntle revenge coming up and no I do not give a damn.

    The most sickening discovery of all was finding out that preachers

    care more about their pay checks than they do the truth. Greed.

    I truly learn the name of the best preacher in all the world is Satan

    (Matt 4:5,6) he loves to preach and he is real pretty.

    He looks like an angel of light and he works in people that

    actually claim that they care about you and that is why so many

    people are deceived.

    Yes, I was sad because I had already realized that the government

    was full of lies and now the church. But this is not to be political I

    will save that for another day. This is for the fake church.

    The political stuff is simple, but the fake church will be a chore.

    I will say one thing about politicians for now, they do tell the

    truth about changing things, they change it from bad to worst.

    True or False? The problem is the church will need to come first.

    The church would have the world believing that no good will come

    until you go to heaven or the Lord returns.

    So if you show them political things that would

    make life better they will call you a nut job and a heretic, in other

    words you are a dumb ass. Therefore the church is oppose to

    change because it would prove that they don’t know their Bible.

    They would rather see war and famine rather than to be proven

    wrong. Seeing how Christians vote in presidents in the U.S.A.

    should show you how serious they should be to new ideas and new


    Yet their sacred cows are in their myths and fables and they do not

    want these lies to die because it would be very shameful to those

    who have taught them for so many years.

    The best way to expose fables and lies are to snare people in their

    own words. Starting place. Wimpy preachers calling

    themselves good shepherds of the flock, when they are really

    watching over their bank account.

    One fast way to get a preacher to leave his church is for another

    church to offer him more money. When they become popular they

    will move to a more populated area that pays them more money

    and they leave their flock behind for a larger offering bucket.

    They leave the flock that supported them and made them who they

    are. We expect this from people in any government in the world or

    in any common jobs, but not good shepherds of the flock that say

    they speak on God’s behalf, it left a bad taste.

    The most unity you will see among preachers is at a telethon. Yes,

    they all agree to get your money. True or False?

    The news people know little scripture when entertaining preachers

    on their shows so they cannot snare them in their words.

    So please, no pretty, pretty, please will you allow my serves?

    You will find that I am very good at this, arrogates and all.

    Ephesians 4 :16. I do not believe that one man should live in

    poverty and pay tithes to another man to ride around in private jet

    planes. What makes one man that much better than another? Greed.

    So sue me, but that’s wrong. That is not a body of people

    supplying to one another’s needs, that is greed clear and simple.

    That is not sharing your extra coat with your brother, that is fraud.

    That is not an example of the gospel. True or false?

    So that would be fraud. True or false? But don’t be afraid for I am

    harmless. I was born January 27, 1963, a white man , in South

    Alabama, U.S.A. so by birth rights I am allowed to be arrogant.

    Because yes, we were taught this from our very birth so don’t

    blame me . We need not be concerned about my reputation.

    To most of my family I am dead, to the Arabians I am an infidel, to

    the Africans I am a honky white cracker, to the Mexicans and most

    of the world I am arrogant and full of pride because I was born in

    the U.S.A., and to white people I am trailer park trash,

    to the so called church I kill sacred religious cows.

    You know the fables they teach, so I am despised and rejected and

    I am the filth of the earth.

    Now how do you top a reputation like that? I am all things to all

    men and they don’t even know me.

    But I forgive you and the fun begins.

    So lattés go kill some of them sacred cows. It will be fun. This will

    not be my attempt to convert anyone, for anyone that is going to rot

    in hell I will be happy for you when you get there and if you don’t

    believe there is a hell that’s fine by me. It is obvious to me looking

    around that most people doubt there is a hell so hope the joke is not

    on you. This will be real and Raw. Let’s rock to expose preachers

    lies you will need to use their own Bible to snare them in their own

    words. I am going to destroy the myths in no particular order.

    1Corinthians15:50; flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of

    God. Romans 8:8; so then they that are in the flesh cannot please

    God. Matt 22:30; for in the resurrection they neither marry nor are

    given in marriage but are as the angels in heaven.

    Matt 24:27; for as the lightning cometh out of

    the east and shineth even unto the west so shall also the coming of

    the son of man be. Armageddon. Matt 24:30; then shall all the

    tribes of the earth mourn and they shall see the son of man coming

    in the clouds of heaven. Armageddon. Rev 1:7; he cometh with

    clouds and every eye shall see him. Armageddon.

    In no place in the Bible will it teach that people vanish and

    disappear in a rapture, dead cow, these things cause confusion.

    The word vanish appears eight times in the Bible KJV (Job 6:17,

    Isa 51:6, 1 Co 13:8, Heb 8:13, Jer 49:7, Lu 24:31, Job 7:9, & Jas 4:14)

    and it says none of the things you will hear from the Antichrist

    myth. Yet the Bible will teach that we will all hear the trumpet

    sound (1Co 15:52) and we will all see Jesus at his second coming.

    Armageddon. Matt 24:40; and the good will be taken and the

    bad will be left to burn. Peter 3:10; burn Armageddon.

    It teaches one more return not five.

    People take the book of Daniel and Revelation and think they

    have been gifted with some private interpretation to unseal some

    great mystery and in so doing have made many fables, myths, and

    fairytales. Timothy 4:3; for the time will come when they will not

    endure sound doctrine but after their own lust shall they heap to

    themselves teachers having itching ears, and they shall turn away

    their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables. The best

    selling fables main basis evolve around fear, danger, little hope,

    and getting your money. So I will expose these myths if allowed,

    why not? It will be a lots of fun and we are all obviously bored

    anyway. This will not be from envy or hate but disgust, sickened,

    and nauseated. A burden and not a desire, a complete burden that I

    do not like. In the second grade at school I hid in the coat closet to

    stay out of a play at the gymnasium, but that will not work this

    time. I truly do promise you this, I would rather be at work right

    now instead of dealing with this foolishness.

    But then how could I rest.

    My light has to shine with logic. Yes, logic and time is my ally.


    This is the largest obsessed fable that is preached in mainstream

    U.S.A. and is designed to get your money and destroy hope and it

    is bad Dangerous and bad Reckless. So here we go,

    The Antichrist is coming, the Antichrist is coming someday.

    But first all the saved elect people will need to disappear

    and vanish in the rapture and then the next day the Antichrist will

    come and take over the whole world for seven years.

    For the first three and a half years Satan’s son will bring peace on

    Earth and good will towards men. Sure he will.

    So starving children and people living on the streets hopes

    that he gets here soon, and I will also be happy to see him if he can

    pull that off. How does it get any worst than that?

    If you are not one of these suffering people then you

    cannot really feel their pain nor do most people even try.

    People in poverty live in tribulation their hold life time not the

    second half of seven years. This is foolishness.

    Only rich people preach there will be a tribulation someday.

    The rich are sheltered so they don’t understand tribulation

    when it is right before their eyes. They that preach this are blind to

    reality when they say the world will suffer some day.

    Many preachers spend their whole life time telling people how bad

    it is going to be someday in the second half of the seven years

    when the Antichrist comes, when their are people suffering around

    them everyday.

    They just cannot feel their pain because they do not live their lives.

    So they do not understand how foolish it sounds

    when they say the world will suffer someday. On the other hand

    they will tell you to send them money and you will be blessed

    some day, they have a lot of some days. According to the

    Antichrist fable teachers, in the second half of the seven there will

    be war, famine, and people will hate one another.

    This would not be bad news, this would be great

    news because three and a half years of war and famine would be a

    great guaranty after what this world has been through. How will it

    get any worse? Will rich people go broke? That would be tragic.

    Over one hundred million people died in wars in the 1990s alone

    and that certainly does not include the rest of the crap this world

    has suffered. All of the world does not get to live in fantasy land

    U.S.A. where this kind of myth gets people rich, many people live

    in the real world. Not the made up world of someday.

    If you cannot see the world is at war right now then you are blind

    in the mind and you live in a state of apathy.

    The spin on this is that money already does all these things that

    they say the Antichrist will do some day, right now, not some day,

    but right now. Run this in the dirt, right now, right know…

    Try to tell people living in famine and poverty how bad it is going

    to be some day and they will laugh at you and say, “know that’s

    funny.” Ask the myth teachers how the Antichrist will make these

    peoples lives any worse.

    What is he going to do kill them and get them out of their mysery.

    They preach with out the mark of the beast you cannot buy bread

    or shoe strings. Well guess what? You all so can not buy these

    things with out money If you give starving people money they will

    starve no more and they can also buy shoe strings.

    The fact and truth of the matter is that if you give these same poor

    people the right amount of money they can buy anything that is for

    sell. True or false? The Antichrist fable mark of the beast will not

    promise you that much power over people.

    Proverbs 22:7; the rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is

    servant to the lender.

    The stupidity here is telling people living in poverty how bad it’s

    going to be some day when they live and die everyday under

    Antichrist conditions everyday, in the dirt everyday, everyday,

    everyday, everyday. Did you get that? Everyday not someday.

    People die everyday because they do not have the money beast to

    buy food. True or false? It is not that hard to see the beast.

    People with money are like the Laodiceans in Rev 3:17. They have

    no want and they cannot relate to those who do, and often those

    who come out of poverty soon forget those who are truly left

    behind under a true Antichrist system. They are the true left behind

    victims. So that means in Rev 13:17, the beast is money and not

    one single man. Yes, all preachers, people, and nations of the

    world do wonder after the money beast. True or false?

    Yes it rules and yes it talks. You know money talks and bull dung

    walks. Put politely. When money speaks people listen and it says

    great things about people. It tells all of their character with no

    stone uncovered. Money speaks very, very loud. It speaks great

    things this root of evil. True or false? I am showing you the beast

    in Revelation KJV, I hope you get it? It is called money, a root of

    evil, Satan’s favorite toy, he knows that money will drive most all

    other problems out side of sex crimes and serial killers. He knows

    that sex crimes and killers will drive them self’s.

    You see the church is a fractured wreck and the nations are full of

    hate. Satan is very happy with things just the way they are going.

    He would not change a thing, the world is saturated with greed.

    Even most good shepherds are selfish wimps when put under a

    micro scope. Do you get it? It is not that hard.

    You have just not been paying attention, but you

    will find that this stuff is pretty simple.

    I will bring you up to speed so that you will not be in the dark.

    Let’s go challenge your mind. I will wise you up.

    You do not have to thank me, it will be my pleasure.

    1John 2:18; but their are many Antichrist in the world already and

    more will come.

    Who is an Antichrist? 1John 2:22; he that denieth

    that Jesus is the Christ he is an Antichrist, not one single man but

    their are many. So according to this if you do not believe that Jesus

    is the Christ, look into the mirror and you will see the Antichrist.

    It is not that hard to find him he has been here the whole time.

    He and she is in anyone who denies Jesus Christ, this does not

    make you an evil person it just says that you do not believe that

    Jesus is the Christ.

    This is mainly because there is no true example of him

    to be seen by the majority of the people in the world, instead

    when most people look at the fake church they see fraud, greed,

    and a divided people in a race and fight to get your money.

    There is no true brotherhood, only self serving deceivers.

    No true example of Christ to be seen. True or false?

    Daniel nor Revelation use the word Antichrist.

    It is poor speculation, conjecture, and theorizing the word only

    appears in 1John 2:18, again 2:18, 2:22, 4:3, 2John7. So it only

    appears five times in the Holy Bible, KJV. The King James

    Version is the only version that will continually decode the same as

    the original Hebrew. In the USA most all redone bibles are

    translated or borrow from the King Kames version.

    In this process many truths are sadly lost. In this process things

    are warped and twisted badly. In this process men have made the

    Bible to say what they want it to say. True or false? So I will

    make it say what I want it too and see which version you like best?

    I will not argue which is the best Bible version, it is a waste of

    time. Just know there is one way to heaven and there is one way to

    hell, you either except Christ or you don’t.

    My Bible says none of the things that you will find

    when reading books or watching the tapes and CDs that say the

    Antichrist is coming to rule the world someday. They are fables

    and myths. When preachers are trying to tell you how bad it is

    going to be someday when the Antichrist comes they will show

    you news footage from right now. THE IRONY. The reason these

    fables continue to sell is because fear and doom is popular and it

    sells good to people with itching ears that don’t take time to study

    for themselves. There is many good books you can buy and read so

    be careful about the brain washers.

    Reading is food for the soul so be careful what you put in.

    These stories have been twisted so bad that anyone who has not

    been taught them could never ever find them by themselves in the

    Bible KJV and that is a fact. People have taken the words vanish,
    rapture, and antichrist and have rewrote the Bible. They are never used in the same text that you will find them in when reading the
    Bible KJV. The word rapture does not even appear in the Bible. These stories teach that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and the only hope for peace is when Satan’s son comes for the first three and a half years. Yes, the battle is lost until then, how sad? Stupidity and no logic. Foolishness. This is as dangerous as saying there is no Hell, which says there is
    no consequence to your actions. Now that is scary!
    Who would teach such things? Many do. No Hell and no hope for
    man kind. These things only feed apathy and I am sure the Devil loves to here these things it is all good news to him. You see Satan Lucifer the Devil will not rule in hell he will suffer badly, he hates Isaiah 14:16; it is his destiny to suffer and to be a true nobody. CHAPTER 3
    These myths are unsound fables that cannot be found in the Bible
    no where and they are poor speculation and not fact.
    According to Matt 12:26; Satan will not destroy his own kingdom.
    War, famine, bigotry, and hate, it is not going to happen, no not for three and a half minutes, never the less three and a half years it is a dead cow with no logic. Stupidity contradicts the Bible.
    At best this myth would be poor science fiction but it has no reality. The prophets teaching these fables cannot tell you what will happen tomorrow never the less hard Bible mysteries.
    If you don’t believe it just ask them what is going to happen
    tomorrow, because the truth is in the pudding.
    When they say that it don’t really work like that what they are
    really saying is that they are a fraud. True or false?
    If you are a prophet or prophecy teacher tell us something that we
    can see soon and make it plain and simple, you are a fraud. According to these myth doctors of the Bible, these things should
    have happened years ago which should have proved their stupidity,
    stupidity, stupidity, that says that they really don’t have a clue
    what’s going on. True or false? Deuteronomy18:22; if you
    prophesy something and it does not happen you are a fraud. That is not a true or false question that is a fact.
    Many of these myth teachers were prophesying in the 1980’s that
    the Russia President Mikhail Gorbachev, was the Antichrist but
    they were all bad wrong. Instead he help to tear down the Berlin Wall and help to end the cold war, they do not speak of him any more, wonder why? President Ronald Reagan said that Mikhail was a good man. Who was right? Reagan or the Antichrist teachers?
    The rapture was to take place in the 1800’s then in the 1970’s,
    1980’s, 1990’s, 2000, and 2002. Do you get it?
    I do believe that they were wrong about this and so many, many other things that I will not even bore you with. Yet they want you to believe they can tell you what is going to happen someday in the seven years of the Antichrist. Their average of success would get them thrown off of any team. It would make them losers who are full of crap. Still they continue to sell the cool aide that most cults will give you for free. This poison they call the gospel. Am I the only one that can see this madness that is sold for the truth. I really do feel in my heart that this is sad. Can you feel my pain? These fables drain hope and teach that all is lost to anyone that is going to church hurting and seeking hope. They soon discover that the rapture is coming someday real, real soon, or really we maybe going at any minute now, so just hold on until you vanish in the rapture. Wait and do nothing and let the world take care of itself. But give them your money and God will bless you some way, someday in his own good time. Contradiction and a dead cow. Cool aide and fraud. Cool aide means you drink peoples poison and you believe what ever you are told. The ones that have been taught this waste their hold lifetime waiting on a myth, they keep this myth alive by feeding it money. Those who preach Antichrist will say that we could go at any minute and then turn right around and try to sell you a book on what is going to happen in the years to come. Now that is bad contradiction. True or false? It has no logic. This is sold for the gospel, how sad, this is what is so sickening, this is not teaching people to share your extra coat with you brother, this teaches that there is no hope until the rapture. Preachers will not preach on brotherhood because they would be expected to live by their words, do you get it. It seems that if you tell people something over and over they will believe anything, so they teach the self serving parts. I would like to say that all these preachers will be dead and in their graves before they see the vanishing rapture and their dead bodies decayed. We will see in time that the proof is in the pudding. Preachers and common people that believe in this myth die every day in deception. They obviously did not rapture. No vanishing rapture at all. We will all see Jesus when he returns, this is what the Bible teaches. Armageddon. The one and only last day. The people that teach the Antichrist myth become very, very angry when you question these things, wonder why? Why would they have me to be silent? Does the truth hurt that bad? Myth preachers say at the end of the seven years the Antichrist will go to the battle of Armageddon with jet planes, army tanks, and mortal men to fight against holy angels. Those that claim atheism would see that as a joke, you know dead cow. No logic. Stupidity. How do you fight an angel with a gun? Stupidity. Many have been called on this mistake and have redacted their stories in the last few years. I will let you in on something, the battle of Armageddon will last for the time it takes for lightning to go across the sky and it will all be over. It is only the dividing of good and evil it is not a battle that will be fought with man or flesh and blood, it will be spiritual and it will be all over in the twinkling of an eye. Also they are saying that the Antichrist is so smart as to take over the whole world in just a few days but is yet too dumb to realize that unknown millions of people have just vanished in the rapture just days before he takes over the world. Most people paying attention know the left behind fable. So are we to believe that? The Antichrist will not know what happened when planes fall from the sky and cars and ships crash with no drivers and people vanish before your very eyes. The teachers of this crap say that the Antichrist will be the most brilliant man on the earth and that you will look dumb standing up beside him. The Antichrist could just get an Antichrist fable book, tape, or CD and see the future and avoid the battle and find the Jews hidden in Petra, seeing he will be seeking to kill them. According to the fable, the Jews will be hiding in Petra so please don’t tell the Antichrist, there has been to much killing already. Dead cow. No logic. Stupidity. If I know these things then the Antichrist will know them seeing that I am a “nut job.” He should be much more smarter than I am. I would be a fool standing up beside the Antichrist, yes a real nut job. I am not that smart I am just concerned about the way that people are lead to believe this myth for God’s word. The fable gets better after the seven years of tribulation which is really only three and a half years of tribulation according to their on confusion. Jesus and all his holy angels return to Earth on flying horses to kill the Antichrist and set up the new Jerusalem for one thousand years. Then these people say they will live in marriage with their wives from the Earth from before they left the earth in the rapture are in death, these same wives. So if a women married a man and he dies and she marries the second brother and he dies until she married seven brothers and having no children she also dies and they all go to Heaven. Who’s wife will she be for the thousand years when they are on the Earth? The answer is she will be no man’s wife. According to Matt 22:30; once in heaven you become an angel and you never marry again. It is a myth fable that belongs in the garbage can. Dead cow. Stupidity. Cool Aide. Foolishness. Seeing how flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God (1Corintheans 15:50) these people will need to be reincarnated back into their flesh to be married again seeing how angels don’t marry. How do they explain this? They cannot it is a myth. You also have to believe that after the seven years if you were left behind and survived until they return, at that time in the thousand years if you have a home and a car you can call Moses up on the cell phone and he will fly over on his horse to your home and have supper with you. Yes, Moses can get in your car with you and go to the ball game or maybe you can take his flying horse and beat the traffic. According to the fable this would be possible. Also Saint Nicholas will return on a flying horse. So maybe at Christmas time he will fly around and deliver gifts to the children. If you believe this why don’t we just ask Jesus for nine flying rain deer for Saint Nick and a red suit. Then we can all sing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” lets all sing it now come on ever body. “You better not pout, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town,” right after the Antichrist is dead. Having fun yet?J CHAPTER 4 There is more, the cool aide yo yo fable. The antichrist teachers teach that Jesus will come back invisible in the first rapture and the elect saved people will vanish away with him and after seven years he returns for the thousand years to set up the new Jerusalem . Then after the thousand years he goes back to heaven again for a little while in order to return again. They say this is to fulfill 2Peter 3:10-11; but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise the Earth also and the works therein shall be burned up seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved what manner of person ought ye to be. Now you will need to get this , in my mind Jesus will return only one time, Armageddon. So any thing you read in the Bible about the last day is all to be done in that one day, Armageddon. 2Peter 3:10-11, is the last day of earth as we know it. According to 2Peter 3:10-11 this world is going to burn so hot that every thing in the earth is going to dissolve. This will be the only and last time Jesus will return to separate good from evil, Armageddon . The joke will be over and hope it was not on you. Now these teach that the world will last forever and that people will live here forever so the saved people will have to go back to heaven until the earth and the works therein burn up and are dissolved. This would be the second rapture. Then Jesus will have to come back again and set up the new Jerusalem because the first new Jerusalem just burned up and the works therein dissolved. It has no logic. Stupidity. This myth teaches that Jesus will return at least three more times, and two raptures, the cool aide yo yo fable and it is not a sound doctrine, and is simply made for people with itching ears. Money wasted, money wasted. Time wasted, time wasted. The brain is also a terrible thing to waste, because these people are obsessed with the Antichrist fable, yes obsessed. Obsessed to the point that they will not believe for a better day and all is lost. So obsessed that the church can not be the church how sad. There is no real teaching on helping your brother, it seems to be all peppered with life is a joy or the Antichrist is coming or give me your money. True or False? This was where they lost me at, no true brotherhood and give them your money while they teach you myths. There seems to be more brotherhood in a gang than there is in the church and people wonder what is wrong with the world? They are so obsessed with the Antichrist fable that they waste their whole lifetime waiting on a myth. A myth that watches these people die and the truth is in their death. Time is killing them all. I started teaching this in 1984 and time has been on my side as people have call me a “nut job.” I have already seen many of these myth teachers die. True story. All of them said the rapture would happen in their lifetime and now they are dead. Yet for some reason the ones that are still alive think that they are right even after the ones that taught them this crap have died and it looks like after these die that more will replace them in this stupidity. Is their death not proof that they were all wrong? When will it stop? But until the date this was writing my teaching has been rejected. So I will share with you these words before I die because the world is not ending no time soon. It is a misunderstanding of fable teachers. The first time the vanishing rapture fable was ever taught was in the early 1800 hundreds by a man name John Nelson Darby. He believed that he would vanish at any minute just like the obsessed teachers of our day. This myth should have died with John Darby but dooms day fables don’t die easy. Instead many men of our time have become very rich selling this fable for God’s word. How sickening? When people teach you this myth and then they die it should tell you that they were wrong. True or false? Many, many, dead people in grave yards bought books on these myths and it lead them to believe that they would see these things happen in their lifetime. Boy were they wrong. True or false? Many were taught this myth from their birth and died in adulthood. They drank the cool aide their whole entire life time. What a waste. Many of these dead people bought these books believing them to be the true gospel. How do they get their refund? Do you get it? It is not that hard. They were deceived. I just proved this a myth because I am good at this and the proof is in the pudding. I like logic and I find none here. You see I learn how to read with the Bible. I claim and believe that I know at least ten percent of the Bible, I also believe that I will die not knowing it all even though I study it often . I do know in my heart that I have learned the most important parts. God first and helping your brother second. I will trash any thing that people try to put before these things. This is why I am rejected do you get it? and do you get it? These things brand me as a heretic and a nut job. My logic. At least the dead know now that I am right and their were not ruptured . True or false? If you want to know what the prophecies are I will tell you. Read the Bible and then look around you and watch the news and connect the dots and you will save a lots of money on fables or is that to easy for you? They also say they are going to vanish out of their clothes at any minute and have been saying this for well over a hundred years and they say that some people can still be saved after the rapture for the remaining thousand years on earth. This vanishing myth cannot be found in history before John Darby. They continue to redactor these myths to sell more and more books in God’s name for the gospel. But how do you fix a broken egg? I guess you can pour cool aide over it. We should all agree when these teachers and doctors die to let the myths die with them. They are doctors of crap. They get rich while they kill hope and that is sick. So if someone teaches you this myth and they die, will your brain still not work even then? What is it going to take? If your grandchildren teach this fable that your grandfather taught you will that not be a sign that there is a problem with this picture. That is not going at any minute in the rapture, that is living a whole lifetime on the earth. Do you get it? But you can redactor a myth, just whatever sells, it pays them well to redactor, redactor the myth. They have been killing hope in the church with his crap ever since John Darby in the 1800’s and it is sad. Am I the only one that can see a problem with this crap? You will not find a clear understanding on this myth when reading the Bible, they claim it is hidden in Revelation and Daniel and they will show you where it is at. Sure they will, because you certainly could not ever find it by yourself and if you will order the books and CDs for a hundred dollars they will fill in all the gaps. They say all these things will happen in their lifetime on earth. Now get that, in their life time, in their life time. So if they are so sure of this crap as to preach it for the true gospel, if this is the good news, then ask them if they will bet their soul on it. Will it happen in their lifetime and if not, will they be willing to go to hell? No, no, no. It is not that real to them they just like selling you cool aide in God’s name. Fraud. Ask them if every time one of these people die that believe in this crap and teach it to others, will that person be willing to go to hell if it does not happen in their lifetime? No, no, no it is not that real to them. You would think that I could shut them all up with that one line of logic, but they love this crap so much that they do not want these cows to die that easy. Yet now days some of these myth teachers realize that they are getting old and they are now saying it may not happen in their life time changing their stories from earlier days only to save face. You can redactor a myth it pays them well. The sad part is when someone buys this crap for the true gospel, they turn right around and sell it to another person for the true gospel, how sad. This is called the blind leading the blind and something about a ditch. They skip right over the helping your neighbor part and go straight to this crap, what a shame. There lies the problem, the focus is taken off the real gospel. It is not funny any more when this happens, but some preachers in there ivory towers tell me not to worry about any thing and just be happy and full of joy. So I will try to maintain a good attitude to the best of my bitter pissed off ability. Will someone please forgive me? I am not sure if I see the happiness and joy in all of this or not? This story looks like gloom and doom to me. Remember I am not a happy camper. I have been bruised, scarred, jaded and I do understand that nobody gives a damn. Can we all just get our stories together, because all the happy stuff sounds good to me. Let’s all smile and be full of joy the Antichrist is coming.J What a screwed up world. Can we just go right to the happy part and skip over the whole Antichrist thing? Because all the happy preachers have learned to ignore the real pain and just go right to the happy part and be full of joy. These happy preachers services would be very valuable to people in Baghdad, or even in famine. They could teach people how to let the past go and live that abundant life and be full of joy. I can think of some other people they could help also but I do believe this happy message is mainly targeted at the pampered people in the U.S.A. and not to the real world, but we will get to all of that in a minute. Right now I am still killing this Antichrist cow. CHAPTER 5 As for the people that teach this Antichrist myth, if they sell books on this myth or not, they still like to think that they know things that other people don’t know. What they really know is a load of crap. I know this is strong stuff but you will be OK. J You can watch South Park on Comedy Central and it has more logic and reality than this myth and it is much less dangerous, it is not being sold for the truth. It is a comedy show that makes a mockery of the world yet they are smart. They will mock and stomp Jesus Christ in the dirt but they know the Muslims will not stand for their religion being mocked proving that Christians are wimps. They enforce my case. Thank you producers of South Park for truth that cannot be denied, I will take the truth any way I can get it at this point. One more time my hat is of to the Muslims. Yes, time will tell who was the nut job and who was right and I will win over all these myth doctors with my simple logic. Yippee for me! I will win. Ha! Ha! Yippee! I told you that I did not give a damn because I am the nut job. That was the understanding that I got in every church that I went too. That is what I was told in a round about way. I do tire from it when trying to reason with people about this myth and other simple things. Especially when people cannot tell me where I am wrong they just want me to go away. So what does that make these people every time that one of them dies? I will help you with this one, a nut job and I am right. Yippee! Everyday that one of these people dies proves that they were deceived. This is simple do you get it. It is not that hard. Time will not lie and the years will pass fast, they always do. More funerals are on the way for sure, and no raw is not pretty. You know dead cows, myths, unsound fables, a deceived people. Speak to your own mind about the truth and the logic of these things and don’t rely on people seeking your money for the truth. It is sad, yes very sad, selling this crap for the gospel of Christ in the name of God to pack their pockets, selling this crap for the good news, and it is very sad where they lead the flock of people that is looking for the true gospel. The problem here is as long as money is to be made some people will say and do anything to keep from getting a real job. How do you unbrain wash or change the minds of people that think in the thousand years that they can ride in a jet plane with Moses or on a fairs wheel with Adam and Eve, or talk to Saint Peter on a cell phone. Will Michael the Archangel come over and help you fix your plumbing? How far from reality can you get? If the rapture happened today you could do all these things in seven and a half years from right now in this world that we live in with the same trees that you see growing right now. They say that all the holy angels will return for the thousand years, that includes everyone in the universe that has gone to heaven and all those who died on earth that went to heaven for as long as there has been time in the universe. They say that you can be passing all of these people riding down the same roads that you ride down right now and waving your hands at them when your car passes theirs going down the road. Who is the nut job? That is unless Michael is into trucks now that would be cool. Michael the Archangel on a 4 by 4 pick up truck. Who is the nut? With all the angels coming back there will probably be a shortage in pick up trucks so I will let him borrow mine to start with or maybe I can trade him for his flying horse, because I would really like one of those flying horses.J Try to imagine looking up in the sky and seeing people flying on horses for the next thousand years and you may get the problem that I have with people that would teach this to our children. I would also like to know the phone number to call Jesus because some times this life gets me down. Nut, Nut, Nut. I have been called the Nut. Do you really see Jesus riding down the road in a car talking to you on a cell phone? Can you picture that? I told you this would be fun. You see my logic is my ally and time is on my side. Time tells all and it will prove who was the nut. The Bible says that the angels cannot be numbered because of their numbers, Jeremiah 33:22. So are we to believe that all living beings in heaven will be able to fit on this small planet and multiply for a thousand years. It has no logic and I do like logic. Dead cow. Preachers spend and waste a lots of time and money because of these fantasies. They build new high dollar buildings to preach this crap in. They keep the flock in a financial bind because they always need a new building for something, their ego. Waste. Proverbs 18:9; he that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster. They also waste the minds of many people searching for hope. It should be against the law to destroy hope. God’s word says that they are no better than a lazy man, these great wasters. Do these people need help or is it just me? When you see their hair is turning gray think on these things and know that the truth is coming up soon on their funeral. This life is short and the truth is in the pudding. No, I don’t enjoy it this raw, but I am up against a great myth being taught by many. I have to teach in logic that can be proved. Their death. That is why I run their death in the dirt. Do you get it? It is my proof and conclusive evidence that they are teachers of garbage so I run their death in the dirt. It is my proof that cannot be broken. They will die and I will be right, yippee! Here we go. This world will easily last for hundreds of more years and I would not be scared to say even thousands. People should be given a refund for all the books, tapes, and CDs on the Antichrist is coming someday soon, because they are sold for the truth. These teachers have been brain washed in the wrong way, probably by people with good intentions who were brain washed by their elders and when their elders died they did not stop the myths. Apparently it did not become clear to them that they were deceived. They did not take a fresh look at the Bible but believe whatever they were told, cool aide. It works like this, here is understanding and the logic of a nut job. I will bet you my soul that this is the whole truth. Jesus is Lord as sure as what goes up must come down. To a simple thinking Christian this would sound logical but I would be going straight to hell for that bet. We know there are satellites in space and a flag was put on the moon in 1969 and most of these things are not coming down, this is how fables begin. A little truth and a little lie makes for a great myth. You see a broken clock is right two times a day but that don’t mean it works right. 2+2=4 Yet that does not mean what goes up must come down, so together it would be a lie and this is why so many people are turned away from the gospel. It has to many mix signals. Treating your neighbor as yourself has got lost in all this crap. Greed. These fables are unsound and dangerous because they drain hope in that they teach our lives will get worse and worse until these things happen, the rapture and the Antichrist. Sickening. That is sad and has destroyed hope for many people for their whole entire life time. The word cool aide keeps coming to mind. Some of these preachers and leaders of the flock that teach you these myths are riding in private jet planes and live like kings, because they preach to you these fables for the true gospel of Christ. Now there’s a joke. True or false? Here comes the contradictions. They say that the church will suffer very badly before the rapture. Ask them when they step off the jet plane when do they predict there life will suffer any? Ezekiel 34:2, 8. You would expect the shepherds to suffer with the flock here in these last days or minutes before the rapture. You know we could go at any minute now. The irony. Do you really see them selling their goods and parting them to the poor and moving into the trailer park and taking up that cross and going to Iran to spread the gospel ? Not likely. They will tell you to get out of your comfort zone but they will not move one finger. Wimps. You know what happens to that equality cow don’t you? It died, in fact it is starting to stink around here and there are many more cows coming to slaughter. CHAPTER 5 These preachers will tell you Jesus will return for them, the elect before the tribulation when the Bible clearly says he will return after the tribulation to gather his elect , Matt24:29-31. Try to get this, when you say, after work today I will go fishing, so after means the tribulation will be over before his return and there will be peace. He will return for a church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, there will be no more fraud. 1Co1:8, 2 Peter 3:14, and Eph 5:27. He will present it to himself a glorious church and people will be found of him in peace. That is what it says read it for your self (1Co1:8 2Peter3:14 Eph5:27) it is not hidden in a code. Psalm110:1; Jesus will set with his father until his enemies becomes his footstool. 1Co 15:25-26; he must set there until he has destroyed his last enemy death. This is when the trumpet will sound in 1Cor15:52 and Matt 24:31 these are the same day Armageddon . The bible clearly says in Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:3 there will be peace in the last days. It is not hidden in a code, read it for yourself. With the weapons in the future, peace will be the only way to go. There is only one last day, 2+2=4 so there can only be one last day (Armageddon) before Jesus returns and if you don’t get that you are a dumb ass. It clearly says after the tribulation (Matt24:29- 31) which could only mean there would be peace, what is so hard to get about that? 1Th 5:2-3 The Lord comes as a thief in the night. For when they shall say peace and safety then comes destruction, Armageddon. This stuff is really not that hard the Lord will let there be peace on earth so that his glory can cover the world as the water covers the sea, Hab2:14. Hebrews 8:11 they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying know the lord for all shall know me from the least to the greatest. You see this gospel will be published among all nations (Mark 13:

  4. mike, on June 29th, 2008 at 9:17 pm, said:

    H O P E . book one 1994 Peace. Poor, poor pitifully poor job we are doing as human beings. I’m no better than anyone else and don’t know why I’ve been given this burden. The burden is feeding the hungry, ending wars, prisons, drugs, child abuse and so on. These words were given for such a time as this, no greater love hath a man than this, to lay down his life for another. If a man wont work neither shall he eat. When you go to battle, spare not your enemy, but kill his wife, child, ox and ass. If your enemy will hear you then he becomes you brother to be as one. Forgiveness is the first key to peace. First things first, war. Our soldiers are all over the world standing guard on border lines, protecting governments from their wars of stupidity, and dying in the process for the rich mans economy. We send the poor to die and sacrifice for our peace it’s their children who suffer torn lives, for your freedom .In your mind if this is right, you are going to hell! These soldiers need to go home to their families. If any country wanting our support will become a state of the U.S.A. and live by the same laws, they will receive help. Any countries that don’t except these rules will defend their own lives in their own battles.
    No more poor people have to die for the stupidity of other countries wars. We say the poor because rich men do not join the armed forces.
    24th Chapter, book of Matthew: two shall be in the field, one taken and the other left; two shall be grinding at the mill, one taken and the other left. All the nuclear warheads of the world cannot change this, accept the fact that the one taken is going to Heaven, and the one left is going to Hell. Jesus ends time when he returns. The difference is with this law of war, the only result can be peace!
    So where do we go from here? Any individual willing to work will be given a Brotherhood card, with this card you can buy anything that is for sale. It has no spending limit. Anyone who doesn’t like this law can go to hell, because it works like this. You are not working for a company or a country, but you are working for goodwill towards all men. Will you accept this rule and not break rank? We need the carpenter, the electrician and somebody has to farm the land, but at any rate, it has to be a body of people that serve one another and not $$$!
    With our serving money people starve to death, the elderly freeze to death and die from the heat. To make a long story short, serving money (the beast) violence and wickedness rules. Can we change our love of money and learn to love one another? Our future depends on it. We have to be willing to die for one another and quit serving self. Our # 1 law is no hunger! Any person with a Brotherhood card would have spending power to feed the world. This is because we should not allow even our enemy to starve. We also pray for them that they may pray for us.
    Drugs. Anyone with a problem will be given the drug of their choice with the clear understanding that they will not share their drugs with anyone else. Therefore stopping drugs for the following generations and helping those with serious drug problems and not locking them up where lies no answers anyway.
    Prisons are a sad thing.35th chapter, book of Numbers teaches: build cities of refuge, not prisons. It is said that you judge a society according to their prisons. In the U.S.A. we lock up people in antique zoo cages and stick them in electric chairs. We justify this by following others. Exodus 23 says: thou shall not follow a multitude to do evil. Here is understanding, if you execute a man, if he is innocent, you should say I will be willing to go to hell if I’m wrong. The problem is that many times evidence and witnesses have been manipulated. So if you did not see the crime how can you justify killing a human being?
    To stay on the safe side, you let GOD do the separating on judgment day. Furthermore, the last enemy that CHRIST will overcome is death. So who are we to defy CHRIST? Not contradicting the law on war. You simply cannot lock-up a whole nation when they cross borderlines to do war, you can only exterminate. There will be no question of their guilt. They will be rising up against a tired and weary nation that just wants a little peace before we die. In addition, we have concluded there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.
    Anyone convicted of violent crimes will be sent to the cities of refuge to live a normal life as possible. Those convicted of other crimes willing to accept a Brotherhood card, and go to work, will be released. They, just like our soldiers, are victims of circumstance. Give most men a dump truck full of money and see if they will join the army or feel the need to steal. We think not. So once more the poor pay for our freedoms, sad thing.
    Let us not forget the big picture, GOD rules. Moving along, any child suspected or confessing to be abused, will be removed from their situation. Its like the prisons, you do not know the odds of the truth and some things you cannot leave to chance. GOD makes the wise things simple to those who love him.
    We make the simple things hard so many times in the war with money. Yes, our battle is to see who can get the most. Where, without some kind of brotherhood, we will not have any kind of unity, and we call ourselves the “United States” one nation under GOD in vain. Money divides people.
    CHRIST said you are not supposed to love your life until the end, but lay it down for your brother. We have to be willing to sacrifice our lives together and not except those in poverty to die for our freedom. We walk this world for one reason. To separate good from evil, to test our souls.
    So do not be afraid. GOD loves a brave warrior, for the Bible tells us so.
    All men are not the same. So for the Brotherhood to work the strong have to carry the burden of the weak. Some men are suited for building homes and some for brain surgery. At any time a man feels burned out on what he is doing, he would be able to change jobs. Yet, to have a Brotherhood card, you will be required to work. Acts 4 teaches: they had all things in common and lacked for nothing. This is not communism, certainly not capitalism this is Christianity. GOD could send his angels to fix these problems, but then how could he test your spirit? After receiving this word you have the power to stop teenage children from having to prostitute their body’s to survive. You have the power to stop world hunger lest you continue in apathy what will be your excuse for not helping when you face God? Will he except I was to busy, the big lie, you have plenty of time for (Self, Self, Self, I, I, I, Me, Me, Me). You cannot say it won’t work without an intelligent reason. Now what is your intelligent reason? It certainly seems easier to do nothing and let evil abound. So wake up, true peace is only found with God and happiness is allowed when you help others. Some day we will stop most crimes with cameras and oil dependents ( and ect. ect. ect.. If we pray God’s will, be done, what should we expect to happen? According to the Declaration of Independence and the Holy Bible, it is our duty to change wrong. In 125 years from now will your life have counted, and where will you be? If this seems too simple blame God, with him all things are possible. If you say, as an American, you don’t kill children, you are living an illusion delusion in fantasy land. Mothers around the world swear we have killed there children. In the U.S.A. we have killed over 40 million in abortion slaughter houses and put them in incendiary ovens with malice. Exodus 21:22. This number of babies would make a large nation of people and we kill them in apathy and tolerance. We go to movies and ball games while children starve So spare the joke about surgical war that God never called for. God’s word is clear on war. Maybe you should read it and learn the word oxymoron, cruel only to be kind. In our wars munitions factory owners ride yachts while true warriors die in deception, the fall guy. We could sit here until we die while evil comes down like rain. God, father in heaven, have mercy on us!
    Your servant,
    Teacher/ 4180621
    God Bless!
    Vote Joseph/7777777 at [email protected]
    P.S. Help wanted, backbone required. PASS THE WORD? ????

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