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Zack De La Rocha and Sylvester the Cat – Separated at Birth?
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I need a reality check here…

I’ve listened to Rage Against The Machine since they came out. I like their energy and their anger even though their leftist revolution schtick gets a little old to me. They’re great for 4 or 5 songs and then their formula starts to wear thin. Kind of a one trick pony I’d say, but they do their thing well.

I like the music more than I do the vocals. I’ve always found the singer Zack—or as I heard Kennedy call him once on MTV: "Mr-smarty-pants-I’m-so-cool-I-went-to-Harvard-revolutionary", has always kind of annoyed me. Part of it is his arrogance but mainly it’s his voice. I just find it too forced—like he’s a wuss trying to act like a bad-ass. Kind of like some smarty pants kid who went to Harvard trying to sound bad ass. Wait—deja vu. Oh never mind…


But beyond the annoying and whiney nature of his voice is his delivery. He’s virtually foaming at the mouth sometimes. Every time I hear "Bulls On Parade" I have to crack up. When he screams "Rally round the family" I hear "rchallyy round the phcamily" a la Sylvester the Cat. Thufferin’ Thuccotash!

It’s like Zack is mad that Granny won’t let him eat Tweety Bird.  Maybe substitute George Bush for Granny, and a Utopian Socialist Society for Tweety and that’s exactly how it sounds…except I don’t think Sylvester spits that much when he talks…

The song rocks, no doubt about it. It’s bad-ass rock and roll. But his forced angst and that "Sylvester thing" pulls me out of the mood every time.

Listen for yourself and let me know if it’s just me or what…



Zach De La Rocha Sylvester The Cat

Separated at birth? You decide…



2 Responses to “Zack De La Rocha and Sylvester the Cat – Separated at Birth?”

  1. fairlane, on June 25th, 2007 at 6:53 pm, said:

    Yeah they come off kind of contrived.

    He’s a talented lyricist and that guitar dude, “Guitar Dudeson” is excellent, but his solo stuff is CHEESE with a Capital CHEESE. Lame.

    Revolutionaries. Shit, they went out with the dinosaurs.

  2. Realitology, on June 25th, 2007 at 8:01 pm, said:

    “Revolutionaries. Shit, they went out with the dinosaurs.”

    Yeah, I think they went barbequing with Bobby Seale

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